Understanding the process of growing up

  • How can we provide knowledge amongst adolescents to understand the changes in their body and mind?
  • How can we develop scientific attitude to remove myths and misconceptions?


Poor adolescent health

  • How can we bring about attitudinal change to ensure that nutritional needs of adolescents, especially girls are adequately met?
  • How can we sensitize an adolescent to the effect of AIDS on the collective health of society?


Delaying marriage

  • How can we ensure advocacy and promotion of girls’ education and stricter enforcement of legal age of marriage?
  • How can we enable adolescents to practise abstinence till marriage?

Avoiding adolescent pregnancy

  • How can we empower adolescents to protect themselves from pregnancies and to enjoy the right to safety and security?

Acquiring information and education on sexual and reproductive health

  • How can we equip adolescents with information, education and skills for behaviour that is responsible towards self and others?


Accessing health services

  • How can we promote assertive skills amongst the adolescents to seek health services to meet their needs?

Preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS

  • How can we empower adolescents to safeguard themselves against HIV infection?
  • How can we encourage adolescents to advocate for HIV prevention?

Resisting sexual exploitation and reporting gender based violence.

  • How can we convince adolescents that violence is not an accepted means of resolving conflicts?
  • How can we convince the young people that gender-based violence, especially in intimate and sexual relations is not acceptable?
  • How can we equip the victims to report and seek the help of support services?