What Strategies will NIOS Adopt?

To achieve this objective NIOS will do the following:

  • Compile AEP related information and integrate it in the curriculum and study material,
  • Clarify myths and misconceptions regarding AEP issues,
  • Provide authentic and scientific information on AEP related issues through voice mail and web-site,
  • Educate learners on family health and life skills,
  • Develop self-esteem, self-confidence, coping and decision making skills through co-operation,
  • Encourage them to adopt responsible behaviour,
  • Sensitize them to the problem of discrimination like gender bias, female infanticide, etc. against girl child in some families,
  • Warn against experimenting with habit-forming substances like drugs, alcohol, etc.,
  • Introduce adolescents to children’s rights,
  • Help to develop a healthy attitude towards HIV/AIDS patients and not to socially shun them.
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Let us join hands to ensure future health of adolescent learners. Let us empower them to exercise their rights and responsibilities.